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País Vasco (1)

El País Vasco (Euskadi) is a small size autonomous community with great cultural and social importance. The green mountainous landscapes between the rivers that run to the Cantabrian river basin, offer an Atlantic climate with abundant rain and moderate temperatures. The particular history of this area has shaped the strong identity of the Basque culture, represented by its own pre-Roman language, Euskera, that does not have any connections with any other language on the European continent.

The region still conserves authentic natural paradises like the Reserve of the Biosphere of Urdaibai, in the Guernica surroundings. Other Protected Natural Parks are those of Gorbeia, Itxina, Izki, Valderejo, Entzia, Urkiola, Aitzgorri, Lakes of Laguardia, Aia and Pagoeta. Basque Country has 200 km of coast, and numerous surf beaches, like the ones in Zarauz and Mundaka, with waves close to perfection, and every year this area receives numerous visitors from all over the world. The animated forest of Ibarrola is another natural place turned into a work of art, with hundreds of pines forming a natural linen picture.

During the Middle Ages, this land was a route of passage for the Way of Santiago, which provided a great cultural and monumental splendor. The town of Guernica is a symbol of the Basques and is well-known world-wide due to the bombing that it suffered in 1937 during the Spanish civil war, and this event was immortalized in Pablo Picasso´s "Guernica." In the park that surrounds the village the Tree of Guernica, an oak that symbolizes the old foral liberties, can be contemplated

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