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Spanish culture (1)

Spain is a country with a varied and exciting culture. Spanish culture covers all forms of expressive art within a great mosaic, from literature to painting and from music to architecture. From ancient times (with some important samples of cave paintings, like those in Altamira) to present times, culture in Spain has occupied a relevant position. Differences between regions are evident, with representations as different as Andalusian flamenco, Galician bagpipers or Castellers from Catalonia, but they all enrich the cultural heritage.

Every visitor can experience different facets from Spanish culture: communicating with the inhabitants of a small town in Castile, losing stress by experimenting with a relaxed way of life in Andalusian towns in the south, or living in big cosmopolitan cities like Madrid or Barcelona. .

Next to the well-known "sun and beach" tourism, cultural tourism is becoming a consolidated alternative, given the abundance of Spanish museums, monuments, traditions and cultural manifestations. Spain is one of the richest countries in the world concerning monumental heritage, with the biggest number of UNESCO World Heritage declarations. An approximate inventory has shown that the number of important preserved monuments in the country has increased to over 20,000.

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