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Islas Baleares (1)

Baleares are an archipelago, made up of five islands (Mallorca, Minorca, Cabrera, Ibiza and Formentera), and is located in the western Mediterranean Sea. The Balearic climate is pure Mediterranean, with smooth temperatures: an annual average between 16 ºC and 17.5 ºC. The mild climate, with more than 300 days of sun per year, the gorgeous landscapes and beaches, varied cultural activities, leisure or relax possibilities and the hospitality of the local inhabitants, has turned these islands into a much-visited cosmopolitan end-point of travels from places all over the world, sometimes to spend vacations, and sometimes to remain there for ever.

Tourism is the most important aspect of the Balearic economy. It is the Spanish autonomy that has the greatest number of hotel establishments, and the greatest number of apartments for visitors.

The history of these islands also has relevance while relating its attractiveness. Vestiges of a surprising megalithic culture, Punic rests or the modernism of the early XXth century are examples of the treasures that this autonomy can offer to get the visitor fascinated. The first artistic manifestations of the archipelago were the talayotic sculptures. Roman colonization left the Alcudia theatre. From Muslim times it is possible to mention the palace of Almudaina and different villages that have conserved aspects of that time, like Fornalutx. In the XIIIth century, after the conquest of the islands by the Aragonese kingdom, the gothic constructions began, like Bellver castle, the market and the cathedral of Palma de Mallorca.

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