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Aragón (1)

Aragón is an autonomous community in the peninsular north and has a natural border with France: the Central Pyrenees. It is a region with exceptional landscapes that surprise the visitor with impressive contrasts. The Pyrenees, in the north, mark a natural wall full with glaciers, natural forests and natural parks. The contrast to this exuberance is the dry central depression crossed by the Ebro River. Making a route visiting mountain stations will allow you to exercise winter sports, or to get to know the flora and fauna that have still remained intact in these places.

The historical trajectory of the region, from the birth of the Kingdom of Aragon in the VIII century in the valleys of Canfranc and Echo, to the present time, is full of crucial events: the expansion of the Aragonese Crown towards the Mediterranean sea, the reign of Fernando the Catholic, in which the Kingdom of Spain was born, mudejar culture, the Aragonese contribution to the Spanish Illustration, the War of Independence and the Spanish Civil War are some of the historical events that had in Aragon their protagonist place.

It is a pleasure to cross the three provinces of Aragon. Its monumental cities and towns invite you to get to know the history and customs of the land where illustrious personalities such as Buñuel, Goya, Ramon and Cajal or Servet were born.

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