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La Rioja (1)

La Rioja is the smallest Spanish community but she is well-known world-wide because of its excellent wines. Historically, the Middle Ages were a very important period for the region because the Way of Santiago determined its cultural development, making it an important centre of influence through its Monasteries, the places where the first texts in Spanish were written.

La Riojais a region with a very stimulating variety of landscapes, from the rustic Mountain range La Demanda, to the Ebro River valleys, passing climatic micro-regions like the one in Enciso. The Way of Santiago, route of entrance for the rest of Europe to the Iberian Peninsula, crossed the region, leaving in the route inestimable architectonic remains and beautiful natural places

The Riojan Southern Mountain range, from Ezcaray to Cornago, is a good place to lose oneself in nature. While strolling in this area one can get to know the Monasteries San Millán and the forests of the Oja, and dinosaur footprints can also be seen. In Higher Rioja there also exist small footpaths that allow visitors to get to know La Riojan Sonsierra. In La Rioja exist more than 30 caves and abysses. The longest cavity is 2,300 meters in length and it is in Santa Engracia de Jubera. In Torrecilla is located one of the most beautiful ones, the Gloomy Cave, and the one in Ortigosa is full of stalagmites and stalactites.

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